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Friday, October 6th, 2023: “We are off on another fabulous Fast Lane tour, this time with friends from the Pittsburgh area – the Millers and Fergusons.

After we had the mandatory drivers’ briefing and the waiver signing, the fun began. We went to the local Cannstatter Volksfest (Oktoberfest in Stuttgart – much better than in Munich). It was a wonderfully crazy place with lots of beer, wine, food and German music. Peter had reserved tables (and private bathrooms) for our group. You haven’t lived until you have seen and heard 10,000 slightly drunk Germans sing: “Take me Home Country Road!” It was a night to remember!

Today was the trip to the Porsche Museum followed by rare PORSCHE Factory tours – the impressive leather shop, 911 assembly, Taycan paint shop and the Taycan assembly. We have had other tours but never saw so many areas of production. I loved watching a GT3-RS going down the line. No pictures whatsoever are allowed.

The PORSCHE Factory is nothing whatsoever like Disney World where you buy a ticket and waltz in. It is an amazing privilege to be admitted to the holiest of holiest for an inside look at the amazing craftsmanship to produce these magnificent machines.

After a spectacular lunch at the renowned Christophorus Restaurant upstairs at the Museum, we then picked up our 911 Cab and drove back as a group to our hotel… trying to get used to driving the 992 Cab.

Tonight we are looking forward to a true German dinner at Carls Brauhaus adjacent to the beautiful Schlossplatz.

Tomorrow, we start the real driving part of the trip. Smiles were on everyone’s faces today!”

~ Contributed by PORSCHE 8-Trip Alumnae Tom and Ellyn Mueller (on their 8th PORSCHE trip with Fast Lane)