While the world is changing around us, at Fast Lane Travel we are making every effort to be the beacon of stability in the travel industry. It appears that while the travel world is still paralyzed there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Lufthansa is getting a $9-billion bailout; hotels in Europe are opening; and the world is realizing in order to return to some semblance of “normalcy” the various venues have to be exemplary in their disinfection, sanitizing and safety and health of their guests.

       Secondly, we are busy completing our exciting PORSCHE Tours for 2021, including, two awesome 2021 tours in the US: Chicago to Mt. Rushmore and Chesapeake to Ohio (fondly known as the Rolling Prairie). We designed these tours in response to key members of our 8,000 plus alumni to do more trips in the US. The detailed itineraries will be finished shortly. In addition, we have completed a brand-NEW trip: Germany’s Most Romantic Castles to the north of the country, including awesome Baltic Sea resorts; Hamburg’s Miniature World; a German WW II submarine and the WW II V-1 and V-2 Rocket Site of Peenemünde. We are staying in awesome castles, driving wonderful mountain and country roads and, of course, enjoying the no-speed limit Autobahn. We have already 8 couples signed up.

       On April 11th I decided to publish a regular Fast Lane Newsletter – dubbed the Petergram – to our loyal customer base and friends. The Petergram contains News, Messages from various Customers, our Team Members in Europe and Friends. It enables us to enjoy “Social Closeness.” If you are an alumnus and/or a friend of Fast Lane, please let me know and I’ll forward a copy of our Petergram Newsletter to you.  Click Here.

       Thank you very much for your continued support and trust in Fast Lane Travel’s great team in the US and in Europe. Please stay healthy and take good care of yourself and your family, as we do.

Sincerely, Peter – your CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).

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