A Message to our Fast Lane Family and Friends, from Peter Sontag, Founder and CEO:

        As you are aware, the seriousness of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is intensifying, consequently, I wanted to personally let you know how our team, at Fast Lane Travel, are responding and adapting to the situation.

        Firstly, Fast Lane Travel’s HQ Office in Oldsmar, FL is now closed until further notice. I have taken this necessary action in the interest of our team members and visitors in order to minimize the possibility of transmission of this affliction.

        Since 1975, our commitment to providing THE very best PORSCHE travel experience that keeps the safety, security, and wellbeing of our guests as our top priority has not wavered and will not waver during the present situation. My passion is to continue to provide you with THE most awesome and enjoyable, top-quality and creative PORSCHE Travel experience that will secure life-time memories for you.

        In the current environment, it’s important for all of us to travel smarter and more consciously. That’s why I want to personally update you on the situation with COVID-19 and the steps we are taking to ensure your health and safety in your travels. I have been through similar scenarios the day after 9-11-2001 and the SARS Virus in 2003. This too will pass.

        Secondly, Our Alumnae & Friends US PORSCHE Fest Trips in October – The Beautiful Fall Colors of the Carolinas – will be operating normally with the anticipated ambiance, luxury, exclusivity and enjoyment you have come to expect from Fast Lane Travel – just like our Colorado PORSCHE Fest last year. You will enjoy THE most beautiful fall colors plus a hilarious Fast Lane Photo Rally along the Blue Ridge Parkway – please let me know if you would like an itinerary – just scroll down on our website.

        Thirdly, regarding Europe: we have been in daily telephonic and e-mail contact with all our hotels, car rental, restaurants and event providers in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy; plus, we continuously watch the European media – as you know we are multi-lingual.

        The participants in our various tours have adopted a commendable wait-and-see approach. Everyone with whom I have been in contact with, agrees that life must go on ….. but we all just need to take extra measures and be prudent in how we engage in our travel plans. Therefore, we have deferred all our Spring PORSCHE Tours, including the original TREFFEN, to the Fall with the agreement of all participants.

        The Europeans forecast that by September the situation should normalize. Nevertheless, I have decided to move our first PORSCHE Tour in June, the “12 Alpine Passes” to 2021.

        Lastly, I will keep you all updated as I receive a steady stream of information from Europe. Thank you very much for your continued support and trust in Fast Lane Travel’s great team in the US and in Europe.


Peter – your CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).  

Ready for a Truly Unique
Vacation Experience?

How does driving a PORSCHE 911
through EUROPE sound?

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Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy
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😍✨: CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL : We love❤️ nothing better than to receive a testimonial from our happy customers! Our customer’s experience is of the utmost importance to us. This is the most rewarding part of our job!🚘🏁

Gisela and Fernando took European Delivery of their NEW Porsche from the factory in Stuttgart. Then, they drove through Europe with friends on a “special tour” that is customized just for them by us.

We are always here to assist you in providing the most fun and best Porsche travel experience! Check our website for our upcoming group tours at www.fastlanetravel.com.☺️

🔙Throwback Thursday with Peter Sontag during an interview at the Festivals of Speed! Watch him give you the dish on what it’s like to be in a Fast Lane Travel European Group tour! Yes, you don’t have to speak their foreign language as you have driving tour guides who are multilingual.🚘🏁

We are always here to provide you answers or more info about our 2020 Porsche European group tours and specials for Early Bird bookers. Or, you can visit our website ➡️ at www.fastlanetravel.com.

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🔙Throwback Thursday and Porsche dream cars!😍Our CEO/Founder Peter Sontag (left) and Marketing Director Marc Remmen (right) getting their photo op while visiting one of the most spectacular car museums in the world – Porsche Museum, Stuttgart in Germany. 🚘🇩🇪

This is one of our favorite parts of our group tours to Germany. Every Fast Lane trip to Europe includes a visit to the Porsche Museum. Some trips also include the factory itself. WE love❤️ to share our passion for this brand. A must-visit for someone who has an undying love for all things Porsche. Come join us to our next Porsche Museum trip!

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🔙Throwback Thursday from 2018! A pitstop at Europe's third largest lake, Lake Constance in Lindau, Germany🇩🇪 where our guests took in the panoramic vistas of the beautiful Swiss Alps.⛰️😍

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Are you ready to shift into high gear on Austria's Redbull Racetrack, and live, wine🍇 and dine like European aristocracy? This is the trip that trumps them all. Our CEO and founder Peter Sontag is going to personally guide you through the beauty of Bavaria including Stuttgart, the home of Porsche, and tour his home country of Austria🇦🇹, where you'll take in the music🎶 of Mozart, stay in the finest castles🏰, and of course, drive your choice of the finest car, Porsche!🍷🚘⛰️

👉Discerning travelers and Porsche lovers will appreciate our attention to every detail as we celebrate your good taste and success! For the full luxurious itinerary, logon to fastlanetravel.com/austiran-castles-wine. Hurry💨, booking deadline is March 15th! You deserve this. •

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A #throwbackthursday from DRT 2020 highlights in South Miami. 😍What a beautiful Porsche GT 2RS!! It also happens to be the most powerful production 911 that Porsche🚘 has ever built with the most horsepower. Have you ever driven one of these babies? 👀

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Are you looking for a perfect romantic❤️vacation break? Explore the landmarks of Tuscany🇮🇹 with our Porsche🚘 group tour from 9/29/20–10/10/20. •
👉Get a head start on your adventure in Tuscany! “Early-Bird Special” ends 5/31/ 2020. Request our itinerary for this group at https://fastlanetravel.com/tuscany-porsche-fest

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❤️Planning a romantic getaway gift🎁 for Valentine’s Day?💕Fast Lane Travel is here to provide you a heartfelt gift for your travel-loving partner! There’s really no better gift to give yourself or others than the gift of experiences and travel. ✈️

🚘Porsches & Romance Tuscany🇮🇹 Tour 2020 is a great gift for your globetrotter Valentine. Departs at September 29th, 2020.

👉Hurry up and BOOK TUSCANY TOUR and for more info, visit our website at https://fastlanetravel.com/tuscany-porsche-fest

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The DRT Das Renn Treffen weekend kicked into high gear with THE Collection Cars🚘 & Coffee☕ under beautifully blue Miami skies😎, followed by a glamorous evening VIP cocktail🥂event with beautiful people and gorgeous Porsches featuring the 2020 Taycan and GT2 RS. Check out our video of Sunday's main event: a stunning parade featuring our fleet of gorgeous Porches! Thanks to all who came to see us, and we look forward to seeing you at DRT 2021!🇩🇪🌴☀️ •
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😍A 1989 Miller High Life Porsche 962 is living in a high speed life in South Miami this weekend! 🙌

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Peter and the new Taycan #petersontag #drt2020 #dasrenntreffen #miami #florida #porsche #porsche911 #europetravel #germanytravel #francetravel #fastlanetravel #fastlanetravel_inc ...

Day 1 & 2: It’s all about Speed.🏁Elegance.✨ Porsche.🚘 Miami.🌴 We made new friends along the way and met Yordi Garcia and Alvaro Rodriguez, the organizers of DRT Das Ren Treffen Miami 2020 event at the Homestead Miami Speedway. It is filled with all kinds of different model Porsches with all the goodies and good vibes!😎☀️

DRT is the largest Porsche gathering in South Miami and we are so glad to be apart of this wonderful event!

See you the rest of the weekend at the car show!

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Just what we need on a rainy day on the race track ...

🚘FESTIVALS OF SPEED HIGHLIGHTS 2020🏁 @festivalsofspeed
We had such a phenomenal time and were thrilled to sponsor the Festivals of Speed in St. Pete! Thank you so much for stopping by at our booth!

We are always here to provide you answers or more info about our 2020 Porsche European group tours and specials for Early Bird bookers. Or, you can visit our website at www.fastlanetravel.com.

🎥Watch our video to see the highlights and see how much fun we had at a beautiful day setting in Vinoy Park.

What comes next? Please join and see us this week at @dasrenntreffen
in South Miami, from February 6th to the 9th. On Thursday and Friday, we are at the TRACK + EXPERIENCE in Homestead Miami Speedway. Throughout the weekend, we will be at the regular show. We are so honored to be a part of this Renn Treffen great event. Don’t miss out! This show will be epic!😎🚘🌴

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Spotted in the Porsche Zentrum, Stuttgart


12 Alpine Passes 2019. Fast Lane Travel PORSCHE tours of Europe. Join us in 2020! ...

Lunch stop in Black Forest.. and of course, Black Forest Cake fir dessert. ...

Heading back to Stuttgart via the Black Forest, just look at the amazing rest stops on the Autobahn. It's an entire shopping mall over the highway. ...

Heading back to Lake Lucerne
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Inside the Rhone Glacier with Fast Lane Travel ...

Stopped at the top of Furka Pass to see the Rhone Glacier, the start of the Rhone River ...

People have asked... all pics and vids taken with the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus ...

Time for hot chocolate atop the Grimsel Pass
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