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Jacoy and I cannot thank you all for one of the most amazing European trips we have ever been (Tuscany Porsche Fest 10-3 to 10-15 2022). I had heard the Peters trip were good, but this one was beyond my expectation.

The cars, the planned routes, the lodging and the food were fantastic. Each day, each event and each briefing were so well organized. The gifts each night delivered to our rooms with a card, with the upcoming event for next day was very much appreciated.

The Mercedes and Porsche Museum tour were so valuable to get the history of each company success and passion for what they do. The factory tours and the amazing lunch at the Porsche dining room was so much fun and informative.

A special thanks to Fabian and Gerald for their great leadership and coaching to get us all to exceed our personal limits and becoming members of the 150 MPH club.

The trip was spectacular and we appreciate all of your efforts to make this adventure so wonderful.

We look forward to our next trip with Fast Lane Travel.

Craig & Jacoy Kellerstrass

Hey Peter: You’re right, it’s been six years since our last Fast Lane adventure. Another trip is on the bucket list, which is why we were talking to Robert at Porsches in the Park in Sarasota last Saturday. Stay tuned. By the way, it’s your fault that I finally bought a 911 after thirty years of driving Corvettes. Within months of returning from the Treffen Plus I was searching for my first 911. I’ve never looked back!

Bob & Cherie

We had a wonderful time, met some new friends and crossed some stops off our bucket list. Keep up the great work – and you all do go the extra mile to make sure your clients have exceptional experiences!

Mike & Pat V.

Houston, Texas

Everything and everybody was great! We really enjoyed it!

Kurt T.

Boca Raton, Florida

This was my 9th trip, I have traveled solo or with friends, but I have always made new friends in Fast Lane Travel. I met my two best buddies Laurie (White Christmas in Vienna) and Bonnie in 2010 on a Porsche fest. The three of us travel together once or twice a year.

Samara C.

Anaheim, California

Fast Lane Travel and Peter Sontag always provide an excellent tour. Can’t imagine a better experience. The resorts and meals are top notch and so is his ability to find great locations we might have missed traveling on our own. Keep up the good work Peter.

Tom & Ellyn M.

Sewickley, Pennsylvania

The Team is great as always; everyone goes out of the way to be helpful. Good Job.

Ricardo & Maria S.

Key Biscayne, Florida

We heard about your trips through our friends Martha and Steve. This was an excellent referral from friends. The tour exceeded our expectations.

Barbara & John R.

Columbus, Ohio

This was our second Fast Lane trip. It was a wonderful trip. Great to be with our old friends and meet new friends. The special events we did, the Zeppelin ride, helicopter and paragliding were fantastic. Love Fast Lane Travel.

Margaret & Jim B.

St. Paul, Minnesota

We heard about Fast Lane Travel through Porsche Panorama magazine. We have planned to take a driving trip like this for years. Our high expectations were met. Some real pluses included a car selection, baggage truck, walkie-talkies and a great group of guests including the Fast Lane staff.

Suzie & Bud W.

Wheaton, Illinois

This was our second Fast Lane Travel trip. We decided on this trip based on conversations with Peter and his commitment to lead the tour. The tour was classy and well-planned. I loved the GTS. Our expectations were exceeded!

Marla & Bill M.

Richmond, Virginia

My best driving trip ever! Great commentary on the areas’ sites and history. Well organized! Made me a better driver.

Beth T. & Bruce W.

West Palm Beach, Florida

This was my 5th Fast Lane trip. I’ve always wanted to travel the Alpine passes. My expectations were to build memories with my sons. Everyone was blown away. As usual… Peter totally exceeded all expectations. Really!!! Every trip has exceeded my expectations.

Robert N.

Sparta, New Jersey

Driving was spirited! I had heard so many good things about Fast Lane Travel. Plus, it was a turn-key operation.

Michelle & John B.

Houston, Texas

This tour was not your Grandfather’s tour. It was a rush for drivers’ in their PORSCHES. It just doesn’t get any better!

Laurence & Karen K.

Webster, New York

This was our 2nd Fast Lane trip. The Alpine passes and switch backs were awesome!

April & Ed Z.

Crownsville, Maryland

I found out about the trip through the internet. Alps tour was what I was looking for. Thomas was a great guide. All the planning exceeded my expectations!

Archie U.

Nokomis, Florida

This was the trip of a lifetime! Your Florida Staff helping me map everything out; Fabian escorting me from Frankfurt Airport to the Nürburgring. You have a fabulous Fabian– Johny – Miro European support team! I really had an amazing experience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the trip to anyone. If you love Porsches, driving, great food, beautiful scenery, and excellent company, then don’t wait – book today! Thank you ! ! ! Chris Chorba. Pasadena, CA.
Note: When Asked: “If you were to return on another TREFFEN, what changes would you make to the program?” Chris’ Response: “None – it was perfect! ”

Chris Chorba

Pasadena, CA

I wish to send a big Thank You to you and your team. The detailed planning, hotel arrangements, and superb dining recommendations have made it a very memorable trip. Diane and I particularly enjoyed the visits to the 3 beautiful lakeside locations of Lindau, Ascona, and Konstanz. Each of them offered uniquely different experiences that we will remember forever!

Ray & Diane Tsui - Euro Delivery

Tempe, AZ

A “True Story“ by Susan Brewer

Peter says… “Come One and All
To Stuttgart and you’ll see,
The very best Octoberfest
Then race through Germany

Everyone will choose a Porsche
We’ll travel two by two,
All along the Autobahn
With the Fast Lane Travel crew

Peter with his Walkie-Talk
Is “Leader of the Pack,”
We also have a “Wing Man”
Who is watching from the back

Instructions come to “ close the door
And then to… GO! GO! GO!
This multi-colored caravan
Will put on quite a show.

We will drive 150 plus…
We’ve just joined that “Special Club”
And now have bragging rights.

The mountaintops await us
With their hairpin twists and turns,
And swerves and curves and tunnels
That could make strong stomachs churn.

We got real high in the Austrian Alps
Then drove down to Toscano,
It’s time to soothe our shattered nerves
At Casali Di Bibbiano

We’ve luncheoned in Firenze
And in Siena too,
Then went back to home base
For Italian Cooking School.

One must be part shepherd
To get us on that bus,
Then we count the noses
To make sure no one is… Oh, Oh! #@%&#!
To make sure no one is lost.

Now there’s time to mingle
And share stories with new friends,
Then we’re going to “turn around
And do it all again!

We’ve shopped and toured
And wined and dined,
And wined and dined some more,
When we get home, we’ll have to do
Some exercise…. For Sure!

One great big “Danka Shön,”
For getting us to Tuscany
And safely back again.

If there was a single word
That could express it all,
It would be a hardy and a heartfelt

whole crew on the trip