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Monday, June 10th, 2024: There is no other breakfast buffet in the world like the one at the Hotel Interalpen Tirol! Today we had planned a drive over the Timmelsjoch pass to St. Leonard in the Passeier Valley, Italy to our favorite Restaurant and Pizzeria “Der Brückenwirt” along the Königsseeache River. Once again, Mother Nature forced a change in our plans. The ominous Timmelsjoch pass was closed due to late-season avalanches.

The BVTG made the decision to take a day trip to Salzburg instead. I got onto the arrangements immediately and I was able to get reserved parking for the Porsches at the Sheraton Salzburg and, with a private guide, the group experienced charming Salzburg via horse-drawn carriages. The carriages let the group off at the Mozart Platz. They “did” all the sights, including the Getreidegasse (pedestrian-only shopping area), and had a hot lunch at the Sternbräu in Salzburg. The BVTG then walked across the bridge back to the Sheraton, got in their Porsches, and drove back to the Hotel Interalpen. When the group returned to the Hotel Interalpen, they had time for a quick refresh before enjoying a late dinner. Everybody was very happy with Salzburg.