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Exclusive Travel Agent: Fast Lane Travel, Inc. (the “Company”) Mailing Address: 2519 N. McMullen Booth Road, #510-340, Clearwater, FL 33761 and Physical Office Address: 127 Forest Lakes Boulevard South, Suite #3, Oldsmar, FL 34677.

Land Accommodations: Luxury, 5-Star or 4-Star hotels throughout providing twin bedded rooms with bath and/or shower. A trip participant electing a single occupancy room and/or driving a rental PORSCHE alone, will be charged a single supplement fee. In order to amortize certain operational fixed costs and/or accommodation costs as imposed by certain vendors.

Land Transportation: By private deluxe motor coach or another vehicle. Self-drive vehicles may be provided by PORSCHE Holdings SE; and/or other vendors (the Company reserves the right to select the vendor and to make reservations based on a supplier’s projected vehicle availability at the time of the planned trip). A trip participant may also drive his/her own car, thus, reducing the price of the trip. Each trip participant who is planning to drive will be required to sign a separate liability waiver provided by the Company, PCA, PORSCHE Holdings SE, and/or other vendor. A surcharge for some models may also apply. Vehicles are subject to availability at the time of the trip. By accepting the vehicle made available to you through the services of the Company, you acknowledge your awareness and understanding that YOU MAY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DRIVE AT SPEEDS FAR IN EXCESS OF THOSE ALLOWED IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA, OR OTHER COUNTRY WITH WHICH YOU HAVE NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR FAMILIARITY, AND YOU THEREFORE ACCEPT SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY CONSEQUENCES THAT MAY OCCUR AS A RESULT OF YOUR DRIVING SUCH VEHICLE DURING THE TRIP.

Transfers: Scheduled transfers between hotels and event venues as specified in the itinerary (subject to change without notice).
Meals: European breakfasts, luncheons, champagne and/or cocktail parties, dinners or banquets and other events as specified in the itinerary (subject to change without notice). Beers and wines are included. No alcohol is served at lunch during the driving days.

Sightseeing and Excursions: As specified in the itinerary (subject to change without notice). The services of English-speaking trip directors and drive guides, as applicable, will be provided. Visits to the PORSCHE Factories are a privilege made available and solely determined by PORSCHE SE Executives and are scheduled as such but cannot be guaranteed. In the event of a cancellation of a Factory visit by PORSCHE SE, an alternative program will be offered. PORSCHE SE may also restrict the number of visitors to their Factories at any one time. In case of such a restriction a fair and reasonable determination will be made as to who may join in the Factory visit and who will enjoy an alternative program. In the past 45 years the PORSCHE Factory has only been closed on our tours to visitors twice. PORSCHE SE, in its sole discretion may decide which of their facilities are open to visitors.

Tips and Taxes: All hotel taxes as imposed by city or state governments and gratuities for hotel and restaurant services are included.

Air Transportation: Air Transportation is NOT included in the trip price. Please refer to the individual airlines for their general terms and conditions. Upon request, the Company will assist you with your airline reservations through Fast Lane Luxury Travel, LLC. Please call Allyn Ryan, Manager Fast Lane Luxury Travel, LLC at +1 813 475 5989 for all your travel arrangements.

Insurance: Travel accident, baggage, trip cancellation and flight insurance are available, upon request. We strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance in the event of unforeseen reasons for your cancellation before or during the trip, such as illness or an unexpected event. PORSCHE vehicles are insured with a participant’s responsibility for up to the first €2,500.00 in damages. Additional PORSCHE vehicles insurance to reduce risk is mandatory and will be charged to the renter’s credit card.

Reservations: SPACE IS GENERALLY LIMITED ON ALL TRIPS. An initial deposit in the amount stated in the itinerary, per person, payable by check, made to the order of the Company, or by credit card, is due when the reservation is made.

Deposits: Your registration is secure when the Company receives the required deposit as specified in the itinerary. Deposits are utilized to pay for operations and reservations expenses incurred by the Company, including, but not limited to, securing space in hotels and various venues on our customers’ behalf. Some deposits may not be refundable.

Cancellations: A refund of all deposits received from a prospective trip participant will be made by the Company if written notice of cancellation is received by the company at least 124 days prior to the commencement of the trip. A refund of all deposits may be delayed or unavailable if the Company cancels the trip prior to its commencement because of an Act of God, i.e. Force Majeure, such as border closings or any cataclysmic event impacting the travel, hospitality and/or transportation industry. A trip may also be cancelled due to insufficient participants (as determined by the Company). Any other cancellation initiated by a participant may result in the loss of his or her deposits, subject to the right of the participant, if all required deposits have been timely made as of the date of cancellation, to notify the Company, within the 14 day period following the date of such cancellation, of his or her election to have such deposits, less the Company’s SG&A expenses incurred on behalf of the canceling participant (which shall be retained in all events by the Company), applied to a future Fast Lane Travel, Inc. trip scheduled for commencement within the 12 month period measured from the scheduled date of commencement of the cancelled trip. Any cancellation initiated by the Company, whether before or during the trip due to circumstances beyond its control, as determined by the Company in its reasonable discretion, such as strikes, lockouts, political upheaval, border closings, pandemics, natural disasters, weather or Acts of God will result in a partial or complete loss of the participant’s deposits, and it is for that reason, again, we strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance. The Company assumes no responsibility and is not liable for consequential, indirect or punitive damages or any other expenses incurred by a participant as a result of a cancellation for any reason. Deposits can only be refunded if the space reserved and pre-paid by the Company can be resold. And/or the Company receives a refund from the service providers, e.g., hotels, other service providers or transportations entities.

Possible Changes in Price: All prices are based on rates (including foreign exchange rates) in effect at the time of the trip creation and may differ from rates in effect at the time of trip departure and are therefore subject to change without notice. The trip itinerary is also subject to revision due to group size, scheduling of events, availability of venues and currency fluctuation.

Not Included: Air transportation, passport fees, visa fees, excess baggage fees, insurance, alcoholic beverages (except as indicated), meals (except as indicated), car rental (except as indicated), laundry, telephone calls, spa services or any other items not specified on the itinerary. Your PORSCHE car rental agreement from PORSCHE Drive, or other car rental vendors, clearly spells out the terms & conditions of such a rental, including the included and/or charges for additional kilometers. Other rental fees may apply from such vendors. Personal expenses are not included in the cost of the trip and remain the personal obligation of each participant. Each participant must check out with the cashier of each hotel prior to departure to assure that all personal expenses, if any, have been settled with the hotel.

Trip Responsibility: All services are subject to the laws of the countries in which these services are provided. The Company and its handling agents act only as agent for the participant in regard to travel, whether by railroad, motor car, motor coach, boat or airplane, and assume no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, and/or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of defect in any vehicle, any company or any person engaged in conveying the participant. The Company and its handling agents assume no liability for expenses due to delay and/or changes in air transportation or other services. All such losses or expenses are the sole responsibility of the participant. The Company reserves the right, acting within its reasonable judgment, to terminate any participant as a member of a particular trip in the event of aggravated or continuing disruptions initiated or participated in by such participant. If the scheduled escribed or referenced herein cannot, for reasons beyond the control of the Company, be timely or adequately supplied, the Company will use its best efforts to provide comparable services and accommodations. Each participant waives any claim against the Company or its representatives or agents for any damage to or loss of property, or any injury to or death of any person due to any act taken or omission caused by any person providing any of the services or accommodations referenced herein. Payment of deposit shall constitute evidence of each participant’s understanding of and consent to each of the terms and conditions set forth in this document, because the content of this document sets forth the terms of certain contractual obligations to which you will be legally bound, upon payment of deposit.