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Barn Find

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023: Everyone has arrived today, although several folks came early yesterday. I always encourage a day early arrival, especially for the folks from the West Coast, to better get acclimated to the time change. A couple of the customers took advantage of the Nürburgring Program we offer before the trip. If you have a little more time for the Ring Program, we also offer Castle Rheinfels, high above the Rhine for a little relaxation before the trip. Of course, the Dorint Hotel directly at the Nürburgring track is the preferred stay for most. The first, and most important, activity today is our mandatory drivers’ briefing. Based on our fifty years of experience, the briefing is a key safety element in your preparation for the driving portion of the trip.

Check out this Barn Find! I spoke to the owner. He has it in his garage and hasn’t driven it in years. I’m working on getting him to at least let me drive it. What a beauty.