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ladies at wine tasting event

Sunday, July 23rd 2023: We spent the day docked in Blaye – of course, shops are closed except an antique mall, conveniently located right at the dock. But first we were whisked to a hokey “wine tasting” event where a couple of entertainers performed some French chansons, and we were treated to the obligatory local cheeses and local wines. We then had a brief sightseeing tour of the little town and headed back to our home, the AMADolce. The meal service on board is exquisite. Breakfast service is available from a classic buffet, but one can also order a lá carte. My favorite is Salmon Benedict. The lunch menu is delightful with a wide choice of American and French cuisine. Dinners are four course opulent. For example, last night the appetizers started with the legendary French Foie Gras; followed by the obligatory French Onion Soup; then rack of lamb or another two choices. Bring your jogging shoes. It takes an enormous discipline not to gain a pound a day. The ship then got underway, very smoothly to Cussac Fort Medoc.