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Friday, September 22nd, 2023: Today, on the program: The PORSCHE Factory tour. We were so lucky. This year there are no more dates for a Factory tour. Thanks to our fifty years of relationship with the wonderful PORSCHE Club Coordination Executives, we had TWO. The 911 will continue to be produced in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Talk about amazing engineering efficiency, every 5 minutes a 911 is completed, up to 300 per day. The assembly workers are working 7 hours 55 minutes each. There are 3 shifts. There are over 140 work stations. Each car spends about 2 to 3 minutes at each station. Since the Factory is in the middle of Zuffenhausen surrounded by the residential area, the production operates only Mon-Fri.

We had a delicious lunch at the Boxenstop Restaurant at the Museum – Thank you PORSCHE Compamy very much. In the afternoon we were able to visit the Taycan Production Line. It’s the same work schedule; however, there are only two shifts. There are not as many work stations like for the 911, but instead there are 7 areas, i.e., work pods. For each area a crew has 10-12 minutes to do their assembly work. It is also much more automated robot QR code based. The 911 Production is still barcode based. The Taycan Factory is 25 meters high (about 80 ft.), because more is not allowed due to zoning restrictions in Zuffenhasuen; therefore, an additional 25 meters of the Taycan Factory is underground.

In addition, our PCA Group got a special, private Museum tour despite the fact the Museum was already closed for a special event. FYI, the employees get a discount: new cars 20%, used cars 10%!