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Monday, April 24th, 2023

guests at dinner

Another sunny day in Stuttgart – the rest of the group arrived today, including Dave and Kendell from New Zealand – talk about jet lag. Thomas had arranged a meeting at noon with a screen and projector for our mandatory drivers’ briefing. We have two options: a video or a live briefing – I opted for the live briefing – which was appreciated. After lunch most people headed into town to check out the shops and beautiful parks in Stuttgart. Tonight we have arranged reservations at Carls Brauhaus, a well-known establishment which benefitted us with immediate local immersion with appropriate quantities of beer, wine and immense Brezen to start with. We took a few Grossraumtaxi and walked across the Schlossplatz. Everyone was still pretty jet lagged – so after dinner – we walked back to the hotel through the huge park across from the hotel. Everyone had a good night’s sleep.