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porsches driving down mtn pass

Sunday, October 8th, 2023: Today we are heading across the ominous Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass separating Austria from Italy, and we returned via the Jaufen and Brenner Passes. We drove down from our mountain perch to the Austrian Autobahn and headed for Sölden in the Ötztal (Tal = Valley in German). It is known as one of the top three ski resort areas in Austria.

Once past Sölden we started to climb the Austrian side of the Pass. Once we crested the top, we were looking at one of THE most delightful PORSCHE Roads in Europe. On top of the pass is a famous motorcycle museum. We enjoyed a pit stop and the amazing view. We then arrived in St. Leonard for a delightful Italian lunch. Most importantly Thomas was successful in getting the parking reserved and roped off for our arrival . . . a rarity in Italy. The Brenner Pass, of course was busy since it’s the main route from Italy north since Roman times.