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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023: The DELTA Boeing 767 ER landed an hour early in STR. Not only that, but all the luggage made it – go DELTA. My driver, Udo, with a Fast Lane Travel Sign was waiting – very reassuring. It was a beautiful sunny day in Stuttgart with a refreshing 63 degrees. Despite the morning traffic I was at the Hotel Graf Zeppelin in less than half an hour. Miro was waiting for me and helped with the luggage and check in.

First, I set up my office; unpacked my clothes, showered and Miro helped me to replace the dressing on the left side of my face. A couple days ago I had Moh’s surgery to cut out some potential melanoma cells. The secret to rapidly overcoming jet lag, as I had written a couple Petergrams ago, is to have a hearty breakfast and then spend as much time outside in the sunlight. So, I did. Miro and I then walked down Königsstrasse to the Schlossplatz and had an ice coffee, sitting outside in one of the bistros across from the castle.

Johny then arrived at the hotel and unpacked the suitcases and sorted through the various gifts which I have the hotel place on their pillows, each night, along with a personal note that tells them about the program for the next day. We worked all afternoon and then Johny suggested a new restaurant in his neighborhood: the Speisekammer West. We had a delightful, unexpected gourmet dinner in this lovely neighborhood restaurant.

Jet lag just hit me. I was in bed by 9:00 pm. European hotels haven’t figured out the concept of a nightlight. My solution is that I leave one of the bathroom lights on and crack the door.