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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023: Inevitably, I woke up at 5:00 am – OK, not a problem. Sat down at the computer – started to work on this Petertgram; then I did yesterday’s expense report details. This must be done daily otherwise one forgets to whom one gave what tip. Then I went through all the NAVI books and maps and wrote down some intermediate NAVI points, in case there is some serious road construction, or we may need an alternate route. For example, we just learned that the St. Gotthard Tunnel is now closed. There was a massive train derailment and a crack developed in the tunnel. In the spring there was a “normal” half hour wait to go through the tunnel – but now we have to find another route – no problem.

We had a delightful Welcome-to-Stuttgart Dinner at the Zeppelino’s restaurant in the hotel. The reasons for picking the restaurant in the hotel is:

  1. Excellent cuisine
  2. Super service
  3. It’s in the hotel – most everyone flew in today – it’s easy to just go upstairs and drop into bed.

One of the couples, on the PCA TREFFEN PLUS, Roger and Susan McLeod, took delivery of a gorgeous new Panamera GTS in Leipzig and had a wonderful drive to Stuttgart.

The PORSCHE European Delivery Experience is unequalled in its anticipation, excitement and sheer joy.

Not only are you at the birthplace of your new baby but you also get a tour of the Factory, some excitement on the magnificent and one-of-a kind PORSCHE Test track in Leipzig. This track was designed to incorporate elements of some of THE most famous racetracks around the world, including the Nürburgring, Monza, Spa and several others. Most importantly, perhaps, you have the opportunity to learn, at the source, all the features of your new PORSCHE. I personally have taken POSCHE Euro Delivery eight times – it’s a dream come true.