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Thursday, September 28th, 2023: Today we headed back to Stuttgart. We made a brief stop in the Art Deco Illertal Rest Area.

art deco rest area

From there to Serways Denkendorf, filling up the gas tanks of our PORSCHES and from then straight, at a pretty good clip, to Stuttgart to return our cars which are checked meticulously for any damages – even minor stuff. The PORSCHE staff, as in the old days with AVIS, check the cars very carefully at the Übergabe and Rückgabe for any pre- and post-damage. Our bus was waiting, and we quickly returned to the Graf Zeppelin to check back in. Everyone’s luggage was in their rooms, delivered promptly, correctly, and expeditiously by Miro. That is why it is important to be attentive when you receive your beautiful rental PORSCHE.

volksfest girl with friends

Tonight is the event, which some customers, in the past, actually viewed as the highlight of the trip: the Cannstatter Volksfest. It is Stuttgart’s version of the Oktoberfest. Thomas, of course, has arranged private seating in the “Empore” the luxurious upstairs section of the massive beer tent with private bathrooms . . . that is huge. Johny has invited some of his friends in the local “Dirndl” dress.

Of course, there is music, laughter, dancing, much cheering and German drinking songs. The best part is that the band also plays numerous old and new American songs. You haven’t lived until you have seen 10,000 slightly inebriated Germans dancing on tables singing “Take me home country road.” Our good friend, and owner of the Schwabenwelt, Michael Wilhelmer stopped by to greet us. We miss his late mom. What an awesome farewell party!