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Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

The “big” day for several reasons.

group dinner
  • We are scheduled for a very rare visit to the PORSCHE Factory, including the even rarer walk through the 911 and 918 production line.
  • A guided tour of the spectacular PORSCHE Museum.
  • The rare privilege of lunch at the exclusive Christophorus Restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Museum.
  • After Lunch we then were able to pick up the rental PORCHES we had ordered. What a feeling to see those magnificent cars lined up for us. In the meanwhile, Miro had placed a walkie talkie in each car. John Horne and I were able to get a Panamera GTS instead of the Cayenne that was originally assigned to us. We headed to the hotel and lined up the cars in front
  • In Stuttgart they not only have an Oktoberfest but also the Frühlingsfest in the spring. Which is a little known secret in the USA
group dinner

Today is also Peter’s 80th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER!