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PORSCHE WRITES: “We build sports cars. Always have done. The impulse to move forward, to be faster, to come first is therefore established deep in our genes – not only when it comes to crossing the finishing line, but also, especially, with new ideas. So it is normal for us to go in new directions.
This consistent future-oriented direction is further supported by the Panamera S E-Hybrid* – as a plug-in hybrid in the sports saloon sector. Rechargeable via the socket, it bundles today our entire expertise and will start in the E-Mobility future of Porsche.”

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO AND STATS: Combined fuel consumption according to EU 5: Panamera S E-Hybrid 3.1 l/100 km; CO2-emission: 71 g/km; Electricity consumption 16.2 kWh/100 km

VISIT THE PAGE AND SEE MORE HERE at the official Porsche YouTube channel.


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What happens when a 48-year-old Porsche 911 meets a current-day 991?

Check out this CAR magazine article and video from 2012, and enjoy the comparisons.

CAR magazine recently found out when we pitted old and new against each other on the marvelous roads criss-crossing the Swiss Alps – and you can watch our video above.

The Porsche 911 was named as our greatest car of the past 50 years in CAR magazine’s October 2012 golden anniversary issue.

Porsche 911-1965vsPorsche991-2012-video-twin-test-Car-Magazine

Join Chris Chilton on the Furka Pass in our new video twin test, as he compares an early 911 with the accomplished sports car it’s become in 2012.

‘Somehow, despite the pressures of emissions and crash legislation, of advances in technology, of massive changes in consumer taste and of fashion, 911s feel like kindred spirits whatever their vintage, sharing characteristics that go beyond mere design cues,’ he says.



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If you want to enjoy driving on the unlimited-speed German autobahn, you might want to get in gear.

Unlimited-autobahn-speed-limits-endingIf the opposition Social Democratic Party wins in this September’s elections, party leader Sigmar Gabriel promises to form a coalition with the Green Party — and both say they’ll limit autobahn speeds to 120 kmh (about 75 mph), the German publication Bild is reporting.

Not so fast, says the SDP’s actual candidate for German chancellor, Peer Steinbrueck, who said he saw “no reason” to reignite the long-running debate over autobahn speeds, Bild reported.

Only about 40 percent of Germany’s 8,000 miles of limited-access highways are speed-controlled.

With deaths from automobile accidents declining in Germany, and 60 percent of those occurring on country roads, there is considerable debate over whether autobahn speeds are the contributing factor to highway deaths, the publication said.

By: Bob Gritzinger on 5/08/2013 – Autoweek — Article can be seen online here.



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The future is “electrifying” for Porsche?

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Porsche wants plug-in hybrids on all models, including 911

2014-Porsche-Panamera-S-E-Hybrid-DrivetrainSports-car brand’s hybrid-electric push is part of a broader focus on fuel efficiency, according to an article from MSN Auto – Exhaust Notes.

Most automakers have dipped a toe into the slowly emerging and extremely limited plug-in hybrid electric market by producing just a single model. According to British magazine Autocar, Porsche plans to introduce plug-in versions of all of its models based on technology developed for the 2014 Panamera S E-Hybrid introduced at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

A Porsche representative revealed that new hybrid platforms that combine an electric motor and clutches in one unit has been adapted to fit into all of the company’s future cars, including the 911 and Cayman. It uses the same electric motor and clutch assembly slotted between the engine and transmission in the current Panamera and Cayenne hybrids, but adds a more powerful motor and battery.

So, is the future for Porsche electrifying? READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE.

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Exciting revelations from Porsche on the “new” Panamera… still keeping traditions alive… but with thrilling contradictions.

Be sure to check it all out at the Porsche site… and check out all the exciting changes HERE, too!

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